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St Andrew Waffle Company, home of the Liege Waffle.


Liege Waffles – Made from dough, not batter!

The journey starts in the heart of Belgium where our waffle dough is produced. It is then shipped to us in Scotland, where we proof the dough in batches, before baking delicious fresh waffles throughout each day.

Authentic Liege waffles are one of life’s great indulgences — caramelised sugar glistening on a tender, buttery, vanilla-laden waffle, it’s a true joy for the senses! As well as the the traditional sugar liege waffle, we also now serve a savoury version having stripped out the sugar. They are equally delicious and have opened up endless possibilities on the menu!

Glen Lyon Coffee

We proudly serve Glen Lyon coffee, a high end Artisan product that we treat with the greatest of respect in order to deliver the best coffee possible.

They started roasting coffee in a bothy in Glenlyon, one of the most beautiful glens in the Scottish Highlands. After several winters spent digging lorry deliveries out of snowdrifts on a single track road they moved the roastery to Aberfeldy, a lovely little town on the banks of the River Tay. Here they roast up some of the world’s finest beans by hand using they're trusted Probat roaster.

Using only speciality arabica beans that are typically shade grown between 1400-2000m above sea level and hand-picked when ripe. Beans are seasonally bought and a number of the coffees are also organically certified.

Minick the Butcher

We only serve the best quality fresh meat, sourced locally for us by Minick the Butcher, a family run business based right here in St Andrews.

Over the years they have cultivated a network of quality local meat suppliers and dealers. This means they can offer some of the best Scottish meat produce in Fife. They undertake all the butchery, sausage and haggis making themselves in order to maintain the highest possible standards.

George Campbell & Sons

All of our fresh fish, shell fish and smoked salmon is supplied by George Campbell & Sons, a family run business who have been supplying such products over four generations since 1872!

From their premises in the heart of Scotland, in the City of Perth, their fishmongers work through the night, receiving fish from boats landing at markets all over Scotland. Filleting and portioning, preparing and smoking the finest fish, landed daily.

As well as offering some of the best quality produce in the country, they are committed to supporting a responsible and efficient fishing industry that balances consumer demand with the conservation of fish stocks for future generations.

Cream o Galloway

We serve only the finest Scottish dairy ice cream. It is produced for us by Cream o Galloway who are based in Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries. They have been involved in dairy farming there since the 1920’s, providing the perfect platform to start producing ice cream!

They use high quality natural ingredients, with no gums, artificial flavourings or colourings, and combine these pure, clean flavours with their own pasteurised organic milk and a minimum of air to create a rich, luxurious ice cream that’s bursting with flavour. All of their flavours are suitable for vegetarians.


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